Precautions When Using Shackles

Jun 22,2022
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We all know that the shackle is an essential item of lifting equipment, but often many people do not operate it in the correct way for the sake of convenience. It is very dangerous. The precautions for the use of shackles are summarized as follows:  

1.      The load shall not exceed the specified load during use, the pin shaft and the top of the buckle shall be stressed, and the lateral force shall not be applied. The horizontal use will cause the deformation of the buckle body.

2.      When hoisting, use the shackle to bind. When the object is lifted, the buckle should be on the top and the pin should be on the bottom. After the rope buckle is stressed, the pin should be pressed down. The shaft is not easy to come out of.

3.      Do not throw the shackle down from a height to prevent the shackle from being deformed due to collision on the ground or internally damaged and cracked.

Shackles can no longer be used when:

1.     Crack;

2.     Wear up to 10% of the original size;

3.     The deformation of the body reaches 10% of the original size;

4.     The deformation of the horizontal pin reaches 5% of the original size;

5.     The bolt is broken or slipped;

6.     Shackles cannot be locked;


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