Inspection and QC for all batches production at Dayu Rigging factory

Jan 09,2024
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Qingdao Dayu Rigging factory founded in 1994, mainly producing shackles, hooks, swivel rings, clips, turnbuckles, load binders, hoisting chains, connecting links, winch and winch bar, and G80/ G100 lifting components. With philosophy ”Quality is Life”, as one of the earliest and highest quality factory, we think highly of quality, we always do full Inspection and QC for all batches.


We have special Production department to arrange inspection in our equipments of Metallographic Analyzer, Ultrasonic flaw detection, CJW-2000 fluorescent magnetic particle flaw.

After production our QC department also do all batches Hardness, Impact, Tensile, Salt spray and Friction in our advanced equipments of Hardness Tester, Impact testing machine, Tensile testing machine, Salt spray test machine, Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine, Friction press.

For example of our Tensile machine, we have specific Tensile tester for matching size, our biggest is 800 ton horizontal type, higher than normal markets required.


Qingdao Dayu Rigging are not just high quality factory, but also safeguard for increasing markets needs and safe requirements. With 30 years step by step development we have been reached to Top 1 shackles factory in China, also deeply developed with many factory for over two decades, which are the industry Top 10. Hardware including -40 degree EN shackles, we research and develop independent, overcome technical difficulties, achieve to confirm EN-13889. With Zero accident we have been receiving many industries and different governments good feedback. We have been growing as most important and necessary vendor, winning more and more markets support. We also hope you can find related rigging hardware and cooperation you need in our factory. 


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