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Brand information

Name: Grade 80 Load Binder

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Grade 80 Ratchet Load Binder




http://www.qinde-rigging.com/images/qianb.jpgMaterial: Alloy Steel

http://www.qinde-rigging.com/images/qianb.jpgFinishing: Powder Coated

http://www.qinde-rigging.com/images/qianb.jpgHeat Treated: Quenched and Tempered

http://www.qinde-rigging.com/images/qianb.jpg.Minimum Breaking Force: 3.5 Times to Lashing Capacity

http://www.qinde-rigging.com/images/qianb.jpgPacking: Carton box then Steel Pallet

http://www.qinde-rigging.com/images/qianb.jpgEN stardard: EN 12195-3



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