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Qingdao Dayu Rigging Co., Ltd. (Dayu Rigging Factory) is a professional rigging processing enterprises, the site is located in the town of Jimo City, Baimiao Ao Shan Wei , west of Jinan-Qingdao Road, Qingdao-Yinchuan Expressway, East Pro 308 State Road, south Liuting International Airport, geographical location and convenient transportation.
Qingdao Dayu Rigging Co., Ltd. Main exports hook series, shackles series, spent Portland series, rotating ring series. Our advanced equipment and technology class, complete specifications. Products can also sample processing according to customer requirements, with quality assurance, prompt delivery.
The factory has many years of production experience, strong technical force, over the years has been to strengthen internal management, adhere to the product quality of survival, the production efficiency and development, rely on scientific progress, and constantly develop new products and new varieties. Integrity of the work attitude, to provide customers with quality service, high-level management requirements, according to customer requirements, on time delivery to customers. Strict cost management, providing customers with low prices, quality products.
"Credibility first, customer first" is our set up factories in purpose, "the contract, keeping promises" is our moral character. Our quality products and quality service, has won praise and patronage of our customers, the community established a good reputation, the factory will continue to "quality of integrity, credibility first, reasonable price, good service, the user first "business philosophy and dedication to our customer service.
General Manager Qiu Zhaoxi and all the staff warmly welcome businessmen came to discuss cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, exchange information and close cooperation, seek common development!

Add: Qingdao Jimo Town, Ao Wei Shan Baimiao Contact: Qiu Zhaoxi
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